Tecsystem Shanghai: happy 10th birthday

It was 2008, when Mr. Conca (President of Tecsystem) and I, were at a trade fair in Shanghai.

2008: the idea

Thus begins the story of Cesare Campisi, General Manager of Tecsystem Shanghai, when he returns with his thoughts to the first time the idea of creating the Tecsystem Italia business unit in Asia was born.
During that event we realized that China could have represented an excellent market for the expansion of the company and, at the time, despite being a big leap in the dark, I immediately gave my willingness to launch into the challenge.

2010: the journey

The concrete proposal from the Company came after a couple of years: in 2010 Tecsystem Italy decided to invest in an Asian office, to bring the quality of its products to a market that required it, and to be able to manage the related assistance with the same short reaction times that we were already able to guarantee in Europe.
The procedure for opening a company in China, in those years, provided for an intermediate step with a trading company in Hong Kong, which therefore for a short time partly took care of the purchases of the Holding in Italy.
Once the necessary business license was obtained, the adventure really began.

Exploration and Discovery

The first 6 months were characterized by Exploration and Discovery, in search of the most suitable location, new suppliers and customers.
In May 2011 – in Shanghai – we had already established the foundations of what in a short time would become the stable production Company that Tecsystem Asia is nowadays.
At first I felt like starting from scratch despite my experience in the temperature control sector, and in Tecsystem in particular, was already 20 years long.
Indeed I was only able to make use of the technical side of that experience because, from a commercial point of view, I had to review many habits and rules acquired.

A different world

The Asian reality is a very different world from ours, both from a private and a professional point of view.
In Italy, customer management looked more familiar, here I had to knock on unknown doors, and mostly, the name on the bell was that of a multinational.
Reaching the contact person was not always easy also because, given the great latitudes of China, it could take many hours of travel to physically reach the place of an appointment.
However Tecsystem Italy – as a supplier of many international companies such as ABB, Siemens, General Elettric, it was already known to large groups and when they started making investments or Join Ventures in China, we began to talk to well-known representatives.
Tecsystem Shanghai produces the same technological products with the same quality and certifications of Tecsystem Italy for the Asian market. The positioning on the Chinese territory derives from a logistical choice that allows us to serve markets that are difficult to reach from Europe, such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc. These territories can now access our products at competitive costs, since the intermediation of distributors is not necessary to reach them.The same for shipping costs, which are significantly reduced!

The point of the situation

On the occasion of the 10th birthday, we had a small party inside in compliance with the anti-Covid rules. Here the anti-Covid controls are stringent and we cannot leave the country but, from an economic point of view, there have not been many repercussions.
In 2020 our turnover grew by + 30%. Excluding a few days in conjunction with the first lockdown, companies were able to work safely if equipped with all the precautions required by law (temperature measurement, protective devices such as masks, gloves, etc.).
Business contacts have only changed the modalities: meetings and encounters have moved to digital media.

Looking to tomorrow

The prospects for the future in this area are good. The request for our products is growing, as is the demand for high quality and high performance products: exactly the niche we deal with.
Today, we supply large foreign multinationals in this area, which require products with universally recognized certifications, as well as local groups that have an export quota for which the same characteristics are required.

Thanks Tecsystem!

Summing up, these 10 years have been a success. Difficulties have always turned into opportunities and fatigue has turned into satisfaction.
All this could not have happened without the support of Tecsystem Italia.
My thanks go to Mr. Conca who believed in this project and to all the TECSYSTEM Italy collaborators who support us every day with professionalism and dedication.