Is it possible to promote the technical and cultural growth of students, with the mutual benefit of companies and young people? Absolutely yes! And the example is the virtuous case of the beautiful collaboration between Tecsystem, Lorenzo Bianchi, and Alessandro Bonavita. Lorenzo and Alessandro are two students of the 5D class of the ITIS Feltrinelli in Milan, who are now graduated. Their school project consisted in the creation of a SCADA system, with the aim of consulting and programming data from three Tecsystem control units: NT935 ETH, FO935 ETH, and NT935 BH.
The SCADA was created on the occasion of the Berlin fair and here it was presented to the public of the CWIEME, where TECSYSTEM exhibited their “SMART” innovations including the simulation of a worldwide temperature control network.


The two guys, have been driven by Tecsystem's R&D Manager Colombi Sergio, who explains how the project is divided into a demo part and a real-time part. "In the demo part, we simulated an electrical substation containing both an oil and resin MV / LV transformer, with the use of Tecsystem equipment".

"We have created a simulation concerning the transformer temperature trend with the relative thresholds of FAN, ALARM and TRIP. Also in this part, we have created a simulation of the various characteristics of the cabin with the measurement of the values ​​by means of the NT311 control unit. In the real-time part, on the other hand, we developed a display page, acquiring the data through an ETH connection, which operated in compliance with the Modbus protocol, connecting the three control units initially mentioned. "


The operation of the entire system is kept under control through a Home Page, which allows you to view the temperatures of the various channels, the active alarms, the set thresholds. In addition, through the use of a special table developed in the days of activities at the company, it is possible to program the control unit directly from the computer.

Finally, in the SCADA system, there are two other pages dedicated to the control of two WS control units, which allow the connection to their respective server, to view the various data. 


The NT311 control unit is the hardware core of the Cabin Temperature, Humidity and Dustiness control system, which provides data then used by the SCADA. The NT311 is part of a patented system for monitoring the environmental conditions of the electrical substations, which combined with the TPU sensor, allows the environmental monitoring of the switchboards, electrical substations and the machines inside them.

Using the NT311 + TPU system it will be possible to monitor the temperature from -40 to 70 (° C), the deposited dustiness index from 6 to 30 (dSt), the humidity from 10% to 90% (RH), the state of 2 contacts (usable for example for access control or other additional signals). The NT311 control unit is available in three versions, NT311 BASIC, NT311 D, NT311 ETH, and has compact dimensions for installation on DIN rail. The TPU sensor is connected to the control unit via power link cable and digital communication. The introduction of a SCADA system that is placed in communication with this system makes the entire system for monitoring the environmental conditions of the electrical substations modern and efficient.

The added value of a training experience is therefore evident when working together is a company with a strong technological impact and brilliant and valid minds like those of the two young students we told you about! This is also the future of technology, destined to progress through the new generations, study and collaboration.