With the EVO series, Industry 4.0 is even more convenient!

By purchasing Tecsystem NT935WS EVO or NT538WS EVO devices, it is possible to obtain the tax relief provided by Industry 4.0 on the entire cost of the system.

What are NT935WS EVO or NT538WS EVO?

These are the two Tecsystem control units for monitoring the system. They are part of the WS-EVO SERIES, considered the "black box" of the transformer, because they are able to perform a complete monitoring of the system for a period of up to 10 years and for 10,000 events, thanks to its datalogger-WebServer function.

Monitoring is WiFi

In Access Point mode, the control unit communicates with the system in WiFi mode. The connection is facilitated by an external antenna which, if necessary, can be disconnected and repositioned to obtain greater coverage.
Equipped with a graphic interface for viewing the information on the status of the transformer, it offers the possibility to intervene for system programming and configuration.

EVO is even more performing thanks to its advantages:

The new EVO Line adds to its qualities further tolls including:
• the CALENDAR (RTC) and the self-powered CLOCK,
• SENDING an EMAIL (maximum 2 recipients) to report the system restart, the modification of the programming parameters, the alarm and the release and the PIN INSERTION to authorize the programming,
• in view of the production control and its optimization, it is also possible to schedule the periodic sending of a statistics report.
All without having to install dedicated apps or software, but only thanks to the use of an Internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc).

What does it mean to make a system "4.0"?

Industry 4.0 indicates the use of equipment that enables machines to interact with users more efficiently, even from a distance. A data collection system, also capable of reading a plurality of machines on the network, organizes and returns them according to intuitive parameters and graphics, in order to carry out predictive analyzes relating to the efficiency, duration and maintenance of individual machines.
What is it for? This helps to better manage production and helps to minimize the costs of breakdowns, repairs and unexpected shutdowns.

Take advantage of this opportunity now. Contact us to learn more about the possibility of using an EVO control unit on your system!