The Tecsystem TRBH system: certified of conformity for Industry 4.0 

Choose the TRBH ventilation system and take advantage of the tax relief provided by Industry 4.0! 

Tecsystem TRBH SYSTEM temperature control devices are certified to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 so that you can take advantage of the facility provided for it, falling into the category "Quality and sustainability assurance systems" and depending on the specific applications they can belong to the following sub-categories: 
- systems for monitoring and controlling the working conditions of the machines (for example forces, torque and machining power; three-dimensional wear of the tools on the machine; status of components or sub-assemblies of the machines) and of the production systems interfaced with the systems information from the factory and / or with cloud solutions. 
- components, systems and intelligent solutions for the management, efficient use and monitoring of energy and water consumption and for the reduction of emissions. 

How, with the TRBH ventilation system, you can access depreciation

To allow access to amortization are the "Systems for quality and sustainability assurance" and "Devices for man-machine interaction and for the improvement of ergonomics and workplace safety in a 4.0 logic". 
These systems must comply with some mandatory characteristics, concerning their characteristics. The TRBH System - in the ETH version - meets all the necessary requirements and guarantees the required characteristics. 

The “smart” ventilation system Tecsystem TRBH 

It is the first patented system for the ventilation of resin electric transformers, which, during their operation, produce heat and dispose of it in the surrounding environment by thermal convection. 
When the environmental and load conditions are critical, the natural circulation of air is not sufficient to ensure adequate cooling of the machine and the adoption of forced ventilation systems is necessary. 
The Tecsystem TRBH SYSTEM temperature control systems, installed on the three-phase resin electric transformers, allow you to adjust the air flow on each individual U-V-W phase of the transformer. 

Automatic activation and management of the ventilation system 

The activation of the ventilation system and the adjustment of the air flow of the fans are managed directly by a thermometric control unit, which adapts the rotation speed of the fans of each winding in relation to the detected temperature. The speed of the fans will progressively increase according to the temperature detected on the individual windings. 

Advantages of using a "smart" cooling system 

The adoption of "smart" monitoring and cooling systems allows you to:
-Reduce the thermal and mechanical shock of the transformer because the cooling action begins before the critical threshold is reached. 
-Reduce mechanical stress due to thermal expansion and contraction, which damage the insulating materials. 
-Reduce the noise of the appliance also thanks to its operation at reduced speeds. 
-Reduce the operating power which may not be used at its maximum performance, given the intervention in the initial heating phase. 

The TRBH system can be easily installed on your machines, contact us for information and quotes.