80 years: A life dedicated to temperature control!

It was 1980 when Tecsystem started its business as a trading company operating in the field of temperature control of electrical machines.

Since then, the evolution of products and services has been constant, with an eye always attentive to technology and a strong propensity to always be close to customers by anticipating their needs.

After a few years from its foundation, the company has evolved: we have also become researchers and designers, offering the market a wide range of electronic and electromechanical equipment designed to monitor and manage the temperature of motors, generators, generators and transformers.

If we wanted to identify a constant in Tecsystem, this would have a name and a surname: Roberto Conca. President and CEO, Mr. Conca is the founder of the company, he is the one under whose leadership the company was born, grew and became what it is today: an undisputed player in the sector.

But Mr. Conca is also the sum of the values ​​that the company has been pursuing for over 80 years: ethics, passion for research, honesty and reliability towards every business partner, supplier or customer.

Last April 2021, Mr. Conca has celebrated his 80th birthday, and Tecsystem, who can rightly be called “his daughter”, thanks him because he has learned to be what he is.

We will continue to innovate and design new advanced systems for temperature control, but we will always be clear about the principles that gave rise to the company and have supported it over these long years: respect and commitment.

What about the future? It goes in the direction of sustainability and automation.

An example is the new forced ventilation system that we have recently patented and which, thanks to the use of an intelligent algorithm, keeps the transformer temperature at an optimal level, preserving the device from sudden changes and consequently extending its life.

Celebrating today, together with Mr. Conca his “first 80 years”, we feel like saying that we are only at the beginning of a wonderful journey in the progress of TECSYSTEM.

Happy birthday, Mr. President!